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Rehabilitation Specialist

Rehabilitation Therapist (RT) – Full-Time

We are seeking a full time Rehabilitation Therapist to join our team in Huntington Beach, CA!!

Provide the type of care that will help transform the lives of patients for the better. As an Associate, your devotion and commitment deserve admiration and acknowledgment. If you’re searching for a career with reasonable and practical ‘care’ expectations, perhaps it’s time to consider our company.

The Rehabilitation Therapist assesses and treats individuals, under the direction of a medical professional, using a range of therapeutic methods aimed at restoring muscle strength, coordination, and body alignment, as well as alleviating pain and enhancing movement and function. The Rehabilitation Therapist collaborates as a member of a team providing physical therapy support and information.


1. Examine accessible patient information and evaluate the influence of this information on the evaluation and treatment process.

2. Perform and document a comprehensive functional assessment of the patient, using standardized procedures. Assess the patient’s needs for home/vocational arrangements and equipment.

3. Create and implement an individualized treatment plan based on the patient’s needs and containing attainable functional objectives.

4. Adhere to evaluation, treatment, and documentation guidelines and consistently maintain accurate and timely department records.

5. Instruct Assistants in the procedures to be utilized during treatment and provide close supervision while such staff members are working with patients.

6. Record the progress of treatment in the patient’s record after each treatment session.

7. Modify treatment plans, as necessary, throughout the treatment process. Rehabilitation Therapist

8. Document the treatment’s progress in a concise discharge summary, following a prescribed format.

9. Familiarize patients with program services and appropriate treatment procedures according to their needs. Inform patients of any potential risks during procedures.

10. Collaborate with nursing staff, patients, and families to maximize the patient’s functional abilities.

11. Instruct patients and family/other caregivers about exercise programs and therapeutic procedures to be continued by the patient at home after treatment.

12. Assist in the referral process when a patient requires additional services after discharge. Stay up to date with community resources.

13. Attend and participate, or provide information for, rehabilitation team conferences regarding patient progress, issues, or needs.

14. Attend and participate in other department/facility meetings, as required.

15. Access continuing education opportunities appropriate to role and responsibilities to maintain clinical expertise.

16. Contribute to the quality improvement process.

17. Promote the programs and services of our company through formal and informal interactions with the community.

18. Comply with our company’s regulatory and professional standards and guidelines.

19. Provide feedback to the Rehab Manager regarding the clinical performance of assistants, as requested and appropriate.

20. Adhere to facility policies and procedures and participate in facility quality improvement and safety programs.

21. Perform other duties as assigned and required to provide quality care to patients.

22. Understand payment reimbursement from various payers and allocate therapy resources efficiently based on patient goals and desired outcomes related to discharge.

23. Demonstrate knowledge of OBRA regulations, HIPAA, Local Coverage Determination, and third-party reimbursement guidelines.

24. Support our company’s commitment to Compassionate Care; project a professional image to build confidence in the Rehab Program.

25. Perform duties independently and recognize situations where direct supervision is needed; willingly assist others.

26. Maintain the expected productivity level that has been discussed and is expected for your position at your particular facility/facilities.

This job description does not include all the responsibilities of the job. Your supervisors or managers may ask you to perform other duties. Your performance will be evaluated in part based on your completion of the tasks listed in this job description.


1. Bachelor/Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy.

2. Current license in the state of practice.

3. Prefer supervision, training, and/or experience in a setting serving the same age/type of patient population served by this facility.

4. Certification, if applicable, and demonstrated competency in identified areas of specialization.

5. Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.

6. Demonstrated competency in applying the principles, methods, materials, and equipment used in physical therapy.

7. Ability to assess patient needs and develop and implement a comprehensive care plan.

8. Knowledge of accreditation standards and compliance requirements.

9. Ability to safely complete the following activities, sometimes for prolonged periods:

• Standing: Maintaining an upright position on the feet, especially for prolonged periods of time

• Pushing: Applying pressure and exerting force against an object for the purpose of moving it forward or away from the source of the force – push or pull force up to 35 lbs.

• Lifting: Raising an object from a lower to a higher position, or moving an object laterally, from position to position

• Required to lift up to 50 lbs of force independently. May be required to lift over 50 lbs with assistance of another person or a mechanical lift

• Stooping: Bending the body forward and down from the waist, hips, and knees, sometimes for a prolonged length of time.

• Reaching: Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction away from the body

• Balancing: Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing, or crouching on narrow, slippery, or moving surfaces

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