Assistant Payroll Accountant

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Payroll Accounting Assistant

Assistant Payroll Accounting Associate
Support the Payroll and Human Resource Accounting team in the preparation and maintenance of employee’s compensation, benefits, wages, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and employee relationships for a specific department, project, or division. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. Execute payroll processing on a weekly or biweekly basis, ensuring compliance with federal and state wage and hour regulations, and handling garnishments, benefits, and taxes;
2. Ensure accurate and timely processing of new hires, temporary workers, transfers, promotions, and terminations;
3. Prepare and conduct audits on W-4 forms, payroll balance sheets, and YTD earnings;
4. Maintain and update employee records in the system, reflecting current information on wages, benefits, sick and vacation time, and adhering to agreements with unions and non-union employees;
5. Generate and manage various management reports on a regular basis, including gross payroll, hours worked, vacation accrual, tax deductions, and benefits deductions;
6. Coordinate and manage payroll, insurance, and tax audits as necessary;
7. Handle State and Federal weekly payroll tax payments;
8. Prepare quarterly and yearly payroll tax filings for State and Federal agencies;
9. Reconcile bank statements related to payroll transactions;
10. Assess and analyze employee benefit needs and trends, recommend benefit programs to management, oversee benefit claims processing, evaluate and award benefit contracts, and conduct educational programs on benefit programs;
11. Ensure compliance with applicable federal and state human resource requirements, maintain accurate records;
12. Develop and update human resource policies and procedures to ensure adherence to management guidelines;
13. Maintain a filing and retrieval system for historical human resource records;
14. Provide guidance and support to employees, including counseling, disciplinary actions, performance evaluations, and resolving employee relations issues;
15. Administer employee benefits programs such as insurance, pension plans, vacation, sick leave, leave of absence, and employee assistance programs;
16. Perform additional tasks as assigned by the supervisor.

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