Electrical Engineer II or III

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Electrical Engineer Level II/III

Electrical Engineer II or III

Seeking a Mid-Level Electrical Engineer with approximately 7-10 years of experience. Preferred experience in diverse fields, including Military and Aerospace environments.

Create hardware designs that meet or exceed product requirements and specifications.

Generate documentation for designs, including design analysis and measurements.

Develop product specifications that meet customer requirements and deadlines.

Ensure product quality by designing testing methods and testing finished products.

Prepare complete Data Reports and Design Review data packages for customer approval.

Evaluate electrical systems, products, and applications through research programs.

Confirm system and component capabilities through testing methods.

Develop electrical products by studying customer requirements and testing methods.

Maintain product and company reputation by complying with regulations.

Complete detailed design analysis and documentation for customer reviews.

Attend and make technical presentations to clients.

Perform systems integration and testing.

Read and understand mechanical drawings, electronic schematics, and software flowcharts.

Provide engineering information and answer questions and requests.

Design digital and/or analog circuits.

Program FPGA devices using HDL.

Program embedded processors using C, C++, or C# languages/dialects.

Design systems and firmware architecture that meet requirements and goals.

Research and select components.

Prepare for and attend technical presentations with clients.

Collaborate with other engineering team disciplines.

Develop cost-effective product designs.

Others as assigned.

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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