Senior Electrical Engineer

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Lead Power Systems Engineer

Lead Power Systems Engineer

Key Cultural Competencies:

·Highly moral, truthful, operates with the utmost honesty

·Collaborator, oriented towards teamwork

·Professional in appearance and demeanor, composed under pressure

·Values capitalism, patriotic

·Strong work ethic

·Eager learner, consistently seeks personal and professional growth

·Responsible and accountable

·Organized, meticulous attention to detail, excellent planner

·Passionate about their work, self-driven

·Effective verbal and written communicator

·Positive and energetic, skilled at building relationships, adept at interacting with individuals at all levels

·Dedicated, loyal


·Flexible, embraces change

·Possesses a strong sense of service for internal and external customers


·US Citizen

·Bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical engineering or an equivalent field.

·Competence and experience in one or more of the following areas:

              Analog Circuit Design

§DC Power Supplies

§Batteries and Charging Systems

§AC Inverters

§Data Acquisition (Signal Conditioning, ADC/DAC)

§Motor Drives

§Transistor Control and Drive Circuits (BJT and MOSFET) (Experience with GaNFET a plus)

              High-Speed Digital Circuit Design

§Programming with HDL for FPGAs

§Programming with C, C++, C# for embedded processors

§Xilinx Virtex 4 and 5 devices

§Microsemi ProAsic and RTAX knowledge a plus

§Microcontroller/Microprocessor Designs

§Communication Interface Design

§FPGA TestBench Design

§Strong Verification/Validation Background

              CAD Tools

§Schematic Capture and PCB Layout – DxDesign preferred

§Analog Circuit Simulation – Pspice (OrCAD), LTspice preferred

§FPGA Design – Microsemi Libero/Xilinx ISE/ModelSim preferred

·Systems integration and testing experience.

·Ability to comprehend mechanical drawings, electronic schematics, and software flowcharts

·Familiarity with Microsoft Project and Access preferred.

Key Results:

·Develop HDL and/or “C” code that meets or exceeds product requirements and specifications

·Create electronic hardware designs that meet or exceed product requirements and specifications

·Generate documentation for created designs, including design analysis and “as built” measurements and results

·Develop product specifications that meet or exceed customer requirements and are within deadlines and budget

·Assure product quality by designing electrical testing methods and testing finished products and system capabilities

·Prepare comprehensive Data Reports and Design Review data packages that achieve customer approval on the first pass


·Digital and/or analog circuit design

·HDL programming of FPGA devices

·System and firmware architecture that meets or exceeds requirements, specifications, time, and budget goals

·Component research and selection

·Prepare for, attend, and make technical presentations to existing and prospective clients

·Collaborate with other engineering team disciplines

·Develop efficient and cost-effective, best-value product designs

        Other duties as assigned

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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