Embedded Software Engineer

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Embedded Programmer

Software Engineer for Embedded Systems

Job Description

Our Company wants driven, methodical, and innovative software engineers to join the team in developing safety-critical code for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ground stations. This position involves complete development cycles in a fast-paced, collaborative setting with a focus on meeting DO-178C objectives. Model-based software tools are utilized, with a preference for experience in SCADE Suite. The tasks include:

·      Create code for UAS command and control

·      Develop code to interface with onboard modems/radios and the control system

·      Design code to interface with payloads on our UAS

·      Independently comprehend interface requirements for modems/radios/payloads and create low-level code for remote system management

·      Work with other team members to define aircraft networking architecture, communications protocol, and equipment requirements

·      Create safety-critical and mission-critical software using SCADE

·      Analyze software requirements addressing safety, security, and performance, in addition to baseline functional requirements

·      Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to design efficient, secure code

·      Document software design

·      Support software testing and systems engineering in reviewing and updating design

Required Qualifications

·      Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, or related field, with at least 10 years of experience

·      Proven history in designing, prototyping, and testing highly reliable software, with at least 10 years of experience

·      Experience in designing flight-critical software architectures

Preferred Qualifications

·      Master’s Degree or PhD in Software Engineering or a related field

·      At least 5 years of experience in embedded software development for the aerospace, automotive, railway, or defense industries

·      Knowledge of MIL-STD software development

·      Experience with ARP-4754, DO-254, DO-178

·      Extensive proficiency in C/C++

·      Extensive experience with SCADE


·      SCADE Architect/Studio

·      Polarion

·      VxWorks

·      Jira

·      Confluence


·      SCADE Suite

·     &

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