Senior Buyer (Japanese/English Speaking)

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Bilingual Senior Procurement Specialist


Creating, obtaining approval for, and implementing procurement strategies for allocated goods and suppliers, to establish, attain, sustain, and enhance cost targets for new model and mass production by:

· Conducting research, assessment, and acquisition of electronic automobile components for each trial occasion.

· Correlating and choosing suppliers to ensure stable quality, competitive cost, and timely delivery, while maintaining effective supplier relationships.

· Negotiating price with suppliers and managing quotations.

· Coordinating and maintaining prompt communication with national and international companies (STJ, ASI, SSZ, etc.) concerning design changes and mass production products.

· Issuing Supplier Documents – contracts, agreements, forecasts, Request for Quotation (RFQ), Maker Layout Letter, etc.

· Maintaining Bill of Material (BOM) for each new model.

· Performing accurate and timely quotation management.

· Conducting research and monitoring industry trends (sourcing, technology, market price).

· Logistics Reporting.

· Implementing problem resolution for International Suppliers

· Translating and providing support during communication with International Japanese companies.


· Displaying strong organizational abilities with attention to detail.

· Utilizing critical thinking to effectively solve problems.

· Thriving both independently and as part of a team.

· Exhibiting adept project management skills.

· Negotiating effectively based on logical reasoning.

· Expertly managing costs and customer/supplier relationships.

· Creating and delivering clear and concise proposals.

· Demonstrating excellent communication skills (written and verbal).

· Displaying exceptional cost analysis skills.

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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