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Auto Fixer

Auto Fixer – Mechanical Specialist (Electrical – Wire Harness)
The Auto Fixer performs repairs, upgrades, and adjustments to electro-mechanical actuators and/or assembly production components for automotive accessories. They are responsible for inspecting and testing components according to industry standards and customer specifications.
Technicians must have the ability to interpret technical documentation such as assembly instructions, engineering orders, and drawings to ensure compliance with requirements. They must also possess the skills to perform various tasks, including geometric inspection, electrical crimping, and electrical testing using specialized equipment.
This position is considered “Safety Sensitive” and may be subject to random drug testing.
Assemble, service, repair and test automotive accessory components to ensure functionality. Works with
minimal supervision
Duty #1: Maintenance and Repairs
Has intermediate knowledge of assembly and testing procedures related to electrical component assembly operations and related components.
Utilize manufacturer’s technical data and engineering drawings to assemble and test components, including:
Perform pre-assembly tasks such as cleaning and lubrication following established procedures.
Assemble equipment according to instructions, orders, or drawings, including electrical wiring, routing, terminal installation, splicing, connector terminations, and proper nut and bolt installation.
Conduct product testing and record results based on acceptance test procedures.
Perform final checks and adjustments to ensure high-quality products.
Maintain assembly records as per standard operating procedures.
These tasks may also include repairing, modifying, or replacing automotive accessory components, such as:
Disassemble, inspect, and reassemble electrical automotive accessory components
Test automotive electrical accessory components
Troubleshoot electrical automotive accessory components
Install, repair, inspect, reassemble, replace, refit, and adjust products using approved technical data.
Maintain maintenance records in accordance with standard operating procedures.
Communicate effectively with other maintenance personnel regarding work progress and difficulties.
Complete job assignments within specified timeframes.
Complete on-the-job-training (OJT) forms and required reading and periodic refresher training.
Read and interpret manufacturer assembly instructions, acceptance test procedures, and maintenance manuals to determine repair methods and conduct operational tests.
Duty #2: Shop Maintenance
Assist with general cleanliness of work area.
Accurately record time spent on jobs.
Maintain regular and punctual attendance.
Exhibit professional behavior when interacting with colleagues
Duty #3: Safety
Follow all company, health, safety, and environmental rules and procedures, including using appropriate safety equipment.
Maintain a clean and safe work area.
Promptly report any accidents or equipment malfunctions to the supervisor.
Skills and Knowledge:
Must have a working knowledge of maintenance operations and practices and the ability to work independently.
Effective verbal and written communication skills.
Basic to intermediate mathematical abilities.
Ability to interpret technical instructions in various formats.
Proficiency in relevant automotive specialty areas.
Effective communication in English with maintenance personnel at all levels.
Demonstrated ability to adapt to new assigned tasks.
Required Experience:
Airframe and/or Power plant License and relevant experience acquired as a General Mechanic for at least two years, or
Three years of experience in industrial, commercial, or military maintenance, or
Two years of experience as an apprentice mechanic working on commercial accessory components,
A combination of education and experience equivalent to the above
Note: Previous experience in aircraft maintenance is preferred but not required!
Required Education:
High School diploma or equivalent

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