Quality Assurance Technician

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QA Specialist

Must be located in Tucson, Arizona.
Seeking 2 individuals to cover shifts from 6pm to 6am in a rotating schedule (4 days one week and 3 days the next)! Initial training will be on the first shift.
As a Quality Assurance Specialist, your role will involve providing support to the manufacturing process in various areas including:
Statistics-based Quality and Process Control, Metrology, Product Quality, Procedural and System Audits, Random Inspections, and Training. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that the products being manufactured, packaged, and shipped to our customers meet all established Quality Assurance Requirements. In case the products fail to meet the requirements, you are required to document and communicate the issues to the Quality Manager, Process Technician, Team Leader, and/or Shift Supervisor.
Seeking 2 individuals to cover shifts from 6pm to 6am in a rotating schedule (4 days one week and 3 days the next)! Initial training will be on the first shift.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Thoroughly read and follow all instructions stated in the Quality Assurance Requirements document (QAR).
  • Conduct necessary gauging activities as specified in the QAR, and accurately record and chart the data.
  • Approve or reject daily startups and restarts.
  • Review Statistical Quality Control/Statistical Process Control (SQC/SPC) data and identify conditions that are out of control.
  • Inform the Molding Supervisor about any out of control conditions.
  • Collaborate with the Molding Supervisor to restore the process to a state of control.
  • Record inspection results and data on attribute tally sheets or batch records.
  • Perform assigned rework and sorting audits.
  • Visually inspect products to ensure they meet the requirements specified in the QAR and General Appearance Samples (GAS), as well as any other posted instructions. Document the findings on Attribute Tally Sheets.
  • Create hold tags for nonconforming items, ensuring their proper containment and segregation from conforming goods.
  • Communicate and coordinate with production, planning, and quality teams to facilitate efficient problem resolution and communication.
  • Document all quality-related issues, events, and problems using the End of Shift Report.
  • Participate in daily shift communication meetings.
  • Report any machine or process problems to the Molding Supervisor, Process Technician, or Supervisor.
  • Provide daily shift activity reports to the management team.
  • Report any safety hazards to the Process Technician or Supervisor.
  • Once confident that a product meets the requirements of the QAR, stamp or initial each inspected box before it is released from the production floor.
  • This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent GED.
  • Demonstrated strong attention to detail.
  • Prior experience in quality control is preferred.
  • Prior experience in injection molding is preferred.
  • Previous experience in manufacturing is preferred.
  • Advanced computer skills are mandatory.
  • Basic math skills are necessary and required.
  • Working knowledge of advanced measuring equipment, such as Vision Systems and CMM’s, is required.
  • Familiarity with advanced SPC is desirable.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, written instructions, and operating procedures.
  • Strong written communication skills are crucial, as this position involves detailed documentation of each assigned molding machine.
  • Effective verbal communication skills are necessary in order to communicate problems and issues to the appropriate personnel.
  • Excellent organizational skills are essential.

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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