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Safety VP

Construction Safety.

We have been hired by a dynamic, rapidly expanding Construction Management group to fill their Vice President of Safety position to be located at their Kalamazoo corporate HQ.


The Safety VP is accountable for leading the safety team and collaborating with the executive team, operations and execution teams. This role works closely with Executives, Pre-Construction, Business Development, People Operations and Marketing Departments, supports Execution Teams to ensure safety is a fundamental value throughout the organization, and supports the company’s business strategies and risk mitigation. This role is in charge of creating, developing, and maintaining an effective Environment Health Safety and Sustainability strategy and program for the organization and its projects. It is responsible for identifying risks, ensuring compliance with safety standards, laws, and guidelines, and managing the safety team’s execution of safety across the organization.

The Safety VP reports directly to the VP of Operations.

The Safety VP is a full-time exempt position. It requires 40 work hours per week and the ability to work additional hours if necessary.


Safety Program Oversight (70%)

Believes in and implements our People First strategy/core value.

A strong leader, this individual will lead the Safety team and is responsible for their performance, growth and development.

Fosters an environment of safety where safety communication is strong across all departments

Maintains strong communication with the executive leadership team, operations and execution teams regarding safety matters

Willingness to challenge and ask difficult questions regarding safety in project planning and execution

Supports and mentors trade contractors to improve their safety programs and outcomes

Supports Business Development in reviewing RFPs focusing on owner’s safety expectations

Collaborates with the Operations and Execution teams to manage and enhance safety processes

Maintains a presence on projects to enforce our safety standards and guide leaders on critical safety criteria

Responds promptly and effectively to safety-related incidents/emergencies

Supports safety professionals with client safety databases (e.g., Avetta, ISN)

Interfaces with insurance carriers to manage risk

Administers safety department, policies, and programs

Initiates safety communications

Researches new safety methods, technology, procedures, legislative codes, and regulations to maintain an industry-leading safety program

Interacts with regulatory agencies

Attends pre-bid walkthroughs and post-bid interviews

Safety Execution/Program Management (15%)

Assists safety team in managing safety supplies

Supports site safety by educating safety specialists on construction documents, procedure documents, safety manuals, project schedule, scopes, and site-specific safety plans

Assists safety specialists and project teams in addressing critical safety concerns arising in the field, and collaborates with all parties involved to develop a corrective plan

Supports OSHA inspections and incident investigations, reviews data analysis, and develops recurrence prevention programs and procedures, and communicates findings

Reviews site safety audits performed by safety specialists and identifies possible improvements for future projects

Collaborates with Project Directors, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Project Engineers to promote and support the development and implementation of safety ideas in pre-construction

Collaborates with trade partners to encourage development and implementation of their safety ideas in pre-construction

Pre-Construction Safety Program (10%)

Supports Safety Director with reviewing and implementing RFPs, project documents, and execution of safety plans

Records and reports all injuries and incidents to identify trends, and uses pre-planning to correct or eliminate those trends in the future

Reviews safety data to identify trends and implement corrective actions in future projects during pre-construction

Implements strategies to optimize safety resources

Supports Safety Director with Safety Roundtable

Training (5%)

Attends training and recertification to stay updated on safety technology and OSHA standards

Supports and oversees one-on-one training on specific safety subjects to ensure safety team and CSM staff receive proper safety training

Supports safety coordinator and safety specialist in following training schedules and keeping safety training or certification current

Performs SWOT analysis and collects lessons learned at the end of projects to include in future pre-construction planning


Builds Effective Teams

You establish shared objectives and a common mindset.

You create teams with diverse styles, perspectives, and experience.

You foster a sense of belonging and strong team morale.

You acknowledge team efforts and share wins.

You encourage open dialogue and collaboration within the team.

Cultivates Innovation

You generate new, better, or unique ideas.

You introduce new approaches to problem-solving.

You can translate creative ideas into practice.

You encourage diverse thinking to foster innovation.

Organizational Savvy

You are aware of how people and the organization function.

You anticipate challenges and plan accordingly.

You navigate organizational politics effectively.

You know how to navigate the organization to achieve results.

You understand the rationale behind key policies, practices, and procedures.

Drives Engagement

You align your work with people’s goals and motivations.

You empower others.

You make each person feel valued for their contributions.

You welcome input and promote ownership and visibility.

You establish a clear connection between people’s motivators and organizational goals.

Strategic Mindset

You anticipate future trends and implications accurately.

You envision future scenarios.

You articulate credible visions that will create sustainable value.

You develop competitive and breakthrough strategies that link vision and action.


Bachelor’s Degree in Safety, Construction Management, Project Management, or Engineering (or equivalent field experience)

5+ years of field experience

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite: Outlook, Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint (Knowledge of Timberscan, Procore is desired)

Desired Certified Safety Professional (CSP) [via Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)], minimum ASP Associate Safety Professional with intent to achieve CSP Certified Safety Professional


This full-time role provides the opportunity to join an exceptional work environment characterized by teamwork and mutual respect. With a competitive salary ranging from $170,000 to $200,000, this position also includes access to a comprehensive benefits package. The package includes relocation support, medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees, life insurance, long- and short-term disability benefits, EAP, and FSA. It also offers generous vacation time, paid US holidays, maternity and paternity leave, and a 401(k) plan with generous contributions.

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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