Continuous Improvement Engineer

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Process Enhancement Specialist

Must possess 4-year university qualification and have experience in the manufacturing industry.

The Process Enhancement Specialist will be responsible for developing, assessing, documenting, and improving process flow and work methods. They will collaborate with different departments, implementing Lean manufacturing principles and initiatives to streamline production processes, increase efficiency, and enhance effectiveness. Their main goal will be to achieve results and ensure the timely completion of projects focused on cost reduction and overall operational improvement.

  • Work together with teams to explore opportunities for cost savings.
  • Evaluate processes, share best practices, and maintain smooth operations.
  • Create comprehensive documentation, ensuring clarity and procedural compliance for all staff.
  • Take the lead in finding and implementing strategies to minimize waste in production processes.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
    • At least two years’ experience in the manufacturing sector.
    • At least two years’ experience utilizing continuous improvement methods and tools.
    • Knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma is a plus.
    • Demonstrated ability to utilize structured problem-solving techniques.

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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