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Product Designer

Must have Experience with Creo/Windchill.

Job Title: Product Designer

Location: Waterloo, IA

Salary: $65-85K

Job Summary: The Product Designer is responsible for executing new product project activities and completing tasks in coordination with the APQP Engineering/Innovation Manager. The position should closely collaborate with the APQP Engineering/Innovation Manager and New Products team members as well as other departments and groups. This role involves utilizing electrical and mechanical engineering tools and computer modeling skills. The Product Designer will be responsible for developing concepts for future product platforms that incorporate electrical and mechanical solutions into electromechanical concepts based on anticipated company needs.

Job Responsibilities:

· Support and fulfill program and project deliverables efficiently to meet customer and/or company product development goals.

· Conduct mechanical engineering analysis to support existing products and develop new concepts that enhance functionality, reduce costs, improve performance, and simplify manufacturability.

· Brainstorm and provide support for innovative new product designs, utilizing new and existing materials and production techniques.

· Collaborate with all product lines to generate concepts and ideas.

· Conduct feasibility research encompassing marketing, technical, economic, and manufacturing aspects for new ideas.

· Assist in program and project management tasks for specific customers while developing concepts and products aligned with company product line strategies.

· Explore different materials, purchased components, and manufacturing processes to aid concept development.

· Provide design and management support for assigned programs and projects within the Corporate Technology work group.

· Collaborate with sales and customers to determine project requirements.

· Apply electrical and mechanical engineering techniques and analysis skills to design activities, ensuring design requirements for electrical and mechanical specifications are met.

· Complete design layouts, bills of materials (BOM), and drawings for recently released products.

Education & Experience:

· Proficiency in computer applications necessary for job functions.

· Familiarity with Creo/Windchill.

· Knowledge of Creo software and ability to create, update, and finalize models.

· Understanding of Windchill software and ability to create, update, and finalize Windchill data.

· Comprehensive understanding of Inertial Calculations for effective communication and collaboration with external resources.

· Mid-level understanding of tolerance stack calculations and use of Six Sigma Design Tools.

· Comprehensive understanding of spring stress analysis to prevent failures.

· Comprehensive understanding of engineering and designing products using strength of material strategies.

· Comprehensive understanding of mechanical advantage/travel analysis.

· Basic understanding and knowledge of GD&T application.

· Basic understanding of reliability/confidence levels for design verification and validation.

· Comprehensive understanding of Dept. 111 work instructions and forms including ECN activities.

· Understanding of ECN and project development print checking requirements/checklists.

· Basic understanding and ability to participate in constructing Process Failure Modes Effects Analysis (PFMEA) through APQP.

· Comprehensive understanding and ability to participate in constructing Design Failure Modes Effects Analysis (DFMEA).

· Comprehensive understanding and ability to assist in the creation, updating, and finalizing of a Design Process Assembly Review (DPAR) document.

· Basic understanding and ability to support SPMs, Project Engineers, and Product Managers for product improvements.

Max. file size: 300 MB.

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